1 on 1 Sequoia
RR: 8.0
This is the second in Icedude's "1 on 1" series, after 1 on 1 Amateur - and it has plenty of good points to it.  The Sequoia inspiration is obvious in the textures used, though he has avoided the wooden path decking that was a major feature.
          The screenshot shows the main arena; a crossway of grass, dividing up a swimming pool.  You can easily swim from one quadrant of the pool to the next, through the handy underwater gateways provided - as long as you don't mind being crushed to death every time you try, that is!  Each corner by the wall holds a different weapon plus ammunition.  In the usual manner, there is a set of passageways through the rock outside the main open space; you can see the openings, with target-triggers above.  Halfway between each opening, you can expect a triple strike.  And in the very center of the arena, a single scattershot...but hitting one of those four target-triggers flips that central cover inside, allowing you to jump down a shaft onto a bouncer/teleporter, which brings you out in - not a small secret room, but a "secret garden", with plenty of space for electroshield, megahealth, doubler, and whomper & ammo - not to mention a weird green statue!
          When I dropped by to explore and take this screenshot, I was joined by Flame and FeEdiKo, and some satisfyingly fast-paced fighting began.  Initially Flame was not too keen on the map, but I think he got used to it, and it is in fact pretty cleverly put together, with the grassways, passages, and water elements of the main fighting area working pretty well together - and the secret garden giving much scope for dodging whomper blasts!  That the secret area is no small room, but a good-sized area itself, is a plus point I think.  I am not particularly keen on the crusher traps - use of the water would be more interesting if one could swim from one part to the next, I think!
          Still, a nice, accomplished map, suitable for Tourney use, or for games with no more than four people, I guess.  I wonder what the next one in the series will be like...?