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Abducted 1.1
RR: 9.0
This is a slightly revised version of this map, which bear the file name PM-Abducted(fix).  When SLAM and I came to it first, to take a look round at the regular Abduction (not to be confused with the unfinished map of the same name - see small picture and its link...), we were joined by a mysterious stranger called Gandalf.  In fact, so quickly did he appear when I made the server, that I assumed it was SLAM, until the real deal arrived.  What did we think of it?  The campfires, the trailer, the boat by the dock which was actually a mover, taking you out onto the lake, directly in the path of the UFO's tractor beam...
          We were impressed.  We liked it, all the details, the atmosphere.  SLAM suggested that the water's setting migt be adjusted, to lessen a tendency to "tile"... and we also thought it was way too dark, even pretty dark after using the [F11] key a couple of times to move the brightness of the monitor up to 10 out of 10.
          Well, I'm not sure the water has changed much, but Sk8er (for it was he) took my comments about the darkness to heart, and this version is way brighter.  You can see every last thing clearly... and you know what?  I think the other way had more atmosphere, sorry...
          The tents are nice, too - if you find yourself running up them instead of going inside through the little suitably-pointed entrance, approach them straight, and crouch!  A second fire (hazardous to your health if you get too near) is in a cave.  Oh, and did I mention that once the boat takes you out into th tractor beam, you float up, and end inside the flying saucer, with a cage, mysterious controls, more weaponry, and luckily a couple of ways to jump out?  No?  Oh... Well, lighting apart, this is a great, innovative map, executed pretty much flawlessly.  Enjoy!
the original unfinished "abducted" concept...
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