A Map
RR: unfinished
Well, Pimp is working on this map, though he assures me that the name will probably change when it is time to actually release it.  There is already plenty to it, though I thought this "boiler room" was a reasonable choice for a preliminary screenshot.  That is no teleporter - step in there and your health quickly leaves you, though you should have enough time to get out before it reaches zero.  But since at the moment this room is the only spawning point, you can quickly get back any points you lose!  When I take screenshots, by the way, I usually use "F5" to clear away the on-screen display of points, health, position, etc.  Until I was here, though, I had never realized that it also took away that annoying beeping noise you get when your health goes below 25...
          There are ramps, and other rooms, and some exotic little constructions; textured doors to open at a touch, or by pressing a button; a leap from the top floor of the factory down into a stream below, and tunnels beneath that, with an elevator to take you back up into the factory... All in all, a pretty promising start, and the Pimpster intends to add plenty more, particularly texturing the factory more inside and out.  Why he was standing on those pipes, shooting at the floor, I am not sure, but we have to make allowances for these creative types!