RR: 8.0
This looks as if it should be a useful training map from Dax; he has made three main rooms, all designed to test your NAB abilities.  In the room shown above, leaping from one red-and-black tower-top to the next takes you across to the target-shooting area, which in this room involves getting "mighty mo" nerfcannon balls into tubes, so that they roll down onto the points- targets - great fun!  The other room's target-shooting, using a hypershot, is a bit more complex, and not as straight-forward... see the screenshot below!
          The final challenge is a strange one, which could be addictive.  Get from one end of the room to a doorway at the other end.  Cunning Dax has filled the floor with bouncers, with a lot aimed to propel you right back the way you came!  Take it slow, try to remember where the worst bouncers are, and you should manage it, eventually... or so Dax assures me!