Ameteur 2
RR: 7.0
Another of Justin's retextured maps, this time of part of the introductory tutorial you probably went through the first time you started to play NAB - available previously to us as Training Arena 2 by B-Ball, one of his earlier efforts!
          "I had to add those tons of statues that make lag, because if I didn't have them, then you walk where the statues are, you would get Flag #1 even though I got rid of the flags", Justin reports.   "Yes, you can get up to the megapower, megaspeeds, etc with some help from..." which point the message fades away. 
          I was tempted to make the screenshot the mass of female statues, except that we might have fallen foul of a "Net Nanny" program!  But anyway, Justin has done a fun job here, with lava pools of differing character, and his usual pulsing-neon textures here and there, but thankfully not everywhere.  Still, let the record show that B-Ball was here first.