RR: 7.0
This map turned up courtesy of Sharpknux's NAB Forum, where StuntKid posted the news that he had made this map, and gave an address to get it from...our download button links to it.  "Download here and post what you think," he said.  "Tell me all the little errors.  Yes, I know the block is textured with water up there.  I just haven't rebuilt since then."
          Well, it is unusual in shape, as maps go; there are two main pits, one of which our screenshot looks down, and there are various little areas, linked mainly be teleporter.  I haven't fully explored it yet, so the rating is provisional - I did fall victim to the "instant death" syndrome a couple of times, though...hardly surprising if it needs rebuilding!  So, treat this as an early beta, and give StuntKid some feedback, eh?