Maze of Doom
RR: tba
This is new from Sk8er, and the best thing I can do is quote his ReadMe file:  "Hey guys, this is my newest and probably my best map yet!  Please read below before starting to play; this isn't a complete walk-through, it will be more fun finding all the secrets yourself!  WARNING: NOT a good botmatch level.
          "You will start in a circular room with a hole in the center leading down.  First drop down the hole and head down the corridor past the dark room ( I have no clue why I put this dark room here, just makes it more ominous) to the elevator that takes you way up to the starting of the maze.  When you get to the top you may choose to go right or left, what you are looking for is a warp pad that
takes you up to the top floor (you may need to find a fake wall) as you make your way around the maze trying not to fall into traps. Once you warp to the top, find your way through to the center and drop down to the floating tunnels, this will be a good place to fight!  There is no "end" to this maze, once you get a good idea of how it's laid out you will find it a great fighting arena.
          "Remember: ALWAYS look for secrets:)..."
          Sounds reasonable to me.  Sometimes a useful wepon in the maze is bait for a trap, and you will find yourself falling into a pit with water at the bottom, so beware!
          The map was on the Custer idrive - until June 18th, anyway, when idrives were shut off...and now it joins the regular "" download system.