Area 51
RR: classified
Area 51 does not exist.  And if it did exist, it would be nothing to do with the game Deus Ex.  We certainly do not have a screenshot of a map of that name in an only partially textured state, and nobody we know is working on remixing such a map.  We deny all knowledge of any strange or unusual happenings in this non-existent arena - and you certainly didn't hear anything about it from us, understand?
          These screenshots are obvious fakes.  The first purports to be a view from before much "texturing" had been done, taken by agent "C" before he disappeared.  The second is by a different operative, allegedly, and shows inside a cabin; then we have inside a warehouse, and then a view from above - so it says.
          But forget all about it - if you know what's best for you!