Nerf Airlines
RR: 9.0
Fly the friendly skies with Duo's first original map - a little similar-looking to Dodo's Air Beta, do you think?  Ah, not only does it look rather cooler, but there is a fully-thought-out interior to the airliner this time!  Three levels, in fact, with the main seating area up top, a lounge area on the middle level, and the freight hold down below, with crates, and a load of "hummer" vehicles.
          A small lift takes you from the cargo hold to the lounge/bar area, and another similar one takes you up to the main passenger cabin.  Go forward and you are liable to encounter an air stewardess, who tells you off and, if you stand in the wrong place, expels you from the plane!  Well, she says "Out you go" as the teleporter whisks you onto the top surface, just in front of the tail-fin; she is one of the non-moving Bot-types,
          So, a high degree of coolness is in evidence here, and some excellent design and texturing work.  All thanks to Alpha Flight for offering this map to us, and let's hope Duo returns and does some more maps as good as this one...