NN Beta 4 (Nerf Neighbourhood)
RR: unfinished
SLAM continues to steam ahead with this massive map-project.  In the third "beta" we were in Tycoon territory, in a skyscraper, naturally enough!  The screenshot from that is below.  The area doesn't seem finished yet, but there are some interesting bits and pieces already, while the Rockheads Bar & Grill is ready for custom, the Sequoia park looks fine, the Barracuda beach, the Orbital - swimming pool? 
          Beta 2 added a teleport point in the Rockheads Bar (well, just down a corridor...or maybe it was there earlier, and I didn't happen to find it!), taking you straight to the asteroid belt, and a chic restaurant that, unfortunately, has neglected to put safety glass in the windows.  But the main and cleverest addition is, not the guard towers and stored tiki torches in the Barracuda Resort, but the Luna area.  You get teleported straight to the moon, and the restaurant there has some fabulous views - but head downstairs, and you enter a more intimate setting, where three Luna maidens are dancing seductively to appropriate music.  Which is where the above screenshot comes from, of course.  You have to see this to believe it, the dance routine - trust me on this!  I don't know how SLAM managed this, he made it sound simple, but, in a different way, he has "pushed the envelope" on what we think NAB can do, once again.