NN Beta 5: Nerf Neighbourhood
RR: unfinished
Well, if you "adminlogin" and "ghost", you can get a view of O'Malley directing the asteroid-belt mining operation, with the actual work being done by a mining drone - which in the screenshot is right inside the hole in the small asteroid, above my pistol.  Viewed from the Asteroid viewing area (reached via a teleporter just down a corridor from the Rockheads' Bar), it is a bit distant, even using the hypershot's alt fire mode.
          Below, we are in the Skyscraper zone; first inside one of the bedrooms, with the bathroom (complete with shower curtain) and the "water bed" by the window...be careful you don't fall out!  The bed is actually in a small "swimming" area, so you do get horizontal, which is cute.  Not a real "water bed", but the closest you'll get in NAB!  In the other shot, I am out flying again; Gotenks seems to have jumped off the roof, and is standing on a convenient transparent canopy there.  You can also see into the two bedrooms, below him.
          So, some excellent stuff added again; O'Malley may not look as cute dancing as Jamie of the Lunas, but it is all good fun.  Some "clipping" haas crept in near the Skyscraper entrance, and I think the Asteroid viewing area (etc) is a little delicate, while one or two places get a bit unresponsive of "laggy" - but that is why you have beta versions, to sort out such stuff...