Oil Refinery Remix
RR: 8.5
B-Ball strikes again, with another good-looking remix.  It looks more like an oil drilling rig, in many ways, but it is an impressive bit of industrial architecture.  There was some very minor "clipping" in a couple of places, usually looking down towards the lower level, but with elevators between the two main levels, plus walkways across the middle and those boxes to climb about on, there is certainly a good amount of potential here.  Below is a screenshot of the map about halfway through texturing, which helps to show how fine the finished textures are - some Unreal/Q3 types, neatly integrated with B-Ball's favourite Asteroid textures.
          Those big blue doors at the back (very big - that speck just next to them is B-Ball himself) don't open, but then that design of door very seldom does.  I slightly regret that it is not possible, without a bit of "adminlogin" cheating and flying, to get to the top of the rig, or indeed onto those four massive stone blocks, nor is it possible to run up the supporting girders, you just slide back.  You can jump up that assortment of crates in the foreground, to reach a doubler... at least most of the time you can.  Why is it that sometimes one can jump higher than at other times?  Oh, well...
          So, a cool-looking map, with some nice levels - it should work well for a one-on-one, or with a medium number of people, but like most arenas would get a bit too hectic with five or more...though hectic can be fun too, of course!