Orbital Remix
RR: 8.0
So, how do we come to have a new map, in the usual friendly Orbital textures, called Orbital Remix?  What Duo has done here is not a retexturing of one of the NAB maps, such as Orbital Speedblast - no, there just happens to be an Unreal Tournament "Capture the Flag" map called "Orbital", and this is a remix of it!
          It plays pretty well as a UT map, but I do have my reservations about remixing too many "CTF" maps for NAB, unless (until) we get a "mod" that allows us to play that sort of team game, both online and with Bots.  A stretched-out map, fairly symmetrical, with areas at each end where a flag used to be - okay for a team game, but less than ideal for an ordinary free-for-all deathmatch, which most of our battles are...
          Still, it is nicely done, and fun to explore... and no wooden forts, or open grassy areas, to be seen, which has to count in its favour!