Pacific Fury beta
RR: unfinished
Now this is really cool - and also really rushed, but there is so much gameplay in it that rushed texturing is, for a beta, to make sure the thing works, understandable.  You can get it from SLAM's
account, along with the other maps he is working on.
          Well, the textures are uninspired, the use of some clouds makes the whole map play as "laggy" - and on my first visit, hosting a server for SLAM, Fee, Alopex, and other notables, after a while my picture began the tilt from side to side terribly, at high speed - the scores etc stayed put, but the game picture was acting very strangely!  Was this some ploy to bring sea-sickness into the game? 
          You spawn on the ship, which rushed across the ocean much the same way that our favourite
does - but this vessel has a minisub (or diving bell...) inside which you can get into, and be lowered into the ocean!  It also has a teleporter taking you into the zeppelin that is skulking in the clouds.  Climb the steps there, get into the plane's cockpit, and after a short delay you are launched, to go on a strafing run over the ship!  Now, is that cool, or what?
          The second version has done a lot of work on the submarine which the mini-sub takes you to (not all the way, but quickly and close enough to avoid drowning), which now has an actual working periscope, using mirrors!  The view, even using a hypershot on alt fire, is tiny, but it is still cool... see our smaller screenshot below.  And the plane's flightpath now ends with a crash into the ocean!  If you haven't tried it yet, dive right into SLAM's idrive and treat yourself...          
Well, inside a submarine is meant to be dark and red - but that bit just by the cursor is the view through the periscope!