Peace Broken BETA
RR: unfinished
This map is only partially complete, but Boomslang has posted it on his idrive account for some feedback.  It suffers from a little bit of "instant death" close to the spawning point, so take the long way round the lake to the house.  There is ammo, but the only weapon I came across was the whomper, in the lake.  The house has a pool table, but the table seems a bit high to be looked at without using "fly", at least for Todd; it also has a lavatory, and the WC itself even has water in it!  The washbasin and mirror again seemed a bit high for Todd.
          Well, it is nicely designed; presumably there will be more rooms to the house, and weapons, but things are a bit quiet here, as yet!  I guess it has potential, and is a nice easy size to master, but it is too early to guess what sort of rating the finished map will have...