RR: 8.5
Thunderbird had a cunning idea here: take the speedblast map, AR-Sequoia, and convert it into a deathmatch map for pointblast, designed by an expert player, for expert players.  All traces of the speedblast flags have been removed (unlike Boom's otherwise-fine Skyscraper Arena ][), and a lot has been added,all in the proper Sequoia colours of course.
          When he first invited us into a beta version, we found that occasionally, someone falling off the paths to the ground below would survive, and that, indeed, the architecture down there was quite good.  So, I persuaded TB to add water down there, so that a fall would no longer be (usually) fatal - and he has managed to do that, and add a teleporter to take you back up, onto the centre of that structure in the screenshot's foreground.  He refused to put any weapons or pick-ups down below, though, as he thinks one shouldn't fall off in the first place...  " It is a GREAT deathmatch map", Thunderbird says.  "It is designed to be a good deathmatch map for experts.  It can be a bit difficult for newbies, you know...all the jumps and fallings..."
          It is a good fighting map, yes, and it is fun to see the architecture of the speedblast arena used for pointblast, and added to and embellished.  There are some tricky leaps and bounces, especially if you are being stalked by a player with a TS at the time - and there are points-targets still, including a very hard-to-find 1000-pointer.
          So, a new map with a lot of the style of the original maps - can't be bad, right?