Pitch Fury [Alpha]
RR: unfinished
FeEdiKo sent me this copy of a map he is intending to work on - it is a remix of an Unreal Tournament map created for the "fragball" mod, so whether it is actually going to be possible to kick a ball around here or not, I am far from certain.
          One thing I do know is that, if you stand in either goal, the top of your head can be seen from outside, and your arm if you raise it to wave, so hours of harmless amusement are practically guaranteed, right?  You can see the effect for yourself if you hit [tab], type behindview 1, and hit [enter] of course... and to get out of that mode, the code is behindview 0.
          But it all depends on textures, and weapon and pick-up placement, I guess... and on those sorts of thing, Fee's record is pretty impressive!