Pirate Ships (BETA)
RR: unfinished
As youcan see, not particularly detailed pirate ships, but the gameplay is the thing, particularly in this early beta version (available from CurtSquirt's idrive).  Plenty of nerf cannons to aim at the enemy ship, and a hypershot at the top of the mast if you run up the rigging.  Swimming from one ship to the other is no problem, and jumping up onto the deck.  Bring your own cutlass...
          So, a team match, if at least six people, say, can come together, ought to be great here.  Is it worth Sk8er making the ships more complex, like that well-known (if buggy) Galleon that has its own remix?  Probably not, but if you contribute to the NAB Forum, don't be shy about letting Sk8er know what you think, so that he can consider adding extra cunning bits to the final version.
       Well, it may not have been an entirely finished map in its original incarnation, but Elven Nerfer has made it into a CTF map, using version 1.0 of Ace's CTF mod.  That should be interesting!