PM-Rivers Beta
RR: 6.5
This was a first attempt at a map, and as such it works pretty well - a large grassy area to fight in, plenty of weapons, and a small pool, at the bottom of which you can find the useful pick-ups we know and love.
          Since this appeared among the TA Clan's map downloads, I first of all assumed that it was by Braveheart.  In fact, he tells me, it was made by Peps, before he went on to make Champ 2 and its improved version, Champion 2 ext.  This one looks like a good start for a new mapper, though I doubt if those shadows are intentional, and having it on server lists as "PM-RiversBeta" instead of "Rivers Beta" is probably an easy mistake to make.  Hey, get your mistakes out of the way as soon as possible, I say - and I look forward to seeing a second version, maybe just Rivers - hopefully with a river or two running through it!
available on their downloads page!