RazorBack Arena
RR: 8.0
The preliminary version of this map was called Gator Arena - so the screenshot for that name shows a pretty similar main room and indeed the only difference, I think, is with weapons and other pick-ups.  CurtSquirt's idea was to produce a map which could have been on the original NAB disc, and I think he has done quite a nice job of that, though, from the textures, the obvious main inspiration is the good old Amateur Arena, which always reminds me of an old-fashioned movie theatre (cinema) that has been converted for Nerf.  Of course, the Training Arena used similar textures too...
          There are plenty of nice ideas here; the barred jail-type doors, presumably to keep the gators and razorbacks from escaping, the corridor-tunnels, the water area, the public telephone which opens underwater doors to all the best pick-ups (if rather briefly...). the points-targets, lifters, the special "gator" pictures that Curt designed himself.  It all seems very nicely done.
          I often wonder in these reviews if a map will become a regular venue for our own brand of mayhem; some maps one never sees, others are returned to again and again, and often there is no difference in quality that I can see.  If I ever decide to get my NerfEd working, and make an arena, I will be sure to set up a server running it when I can; I would try to get the fan servers to add it to their rotation, too.  When I was going through all the existing pointblast maps, taking screenshots, there were times when people started to join me in a certain arena, so that a proper game began - and even if it was an arena nobody had had running for months, quite often great fun was had, once we all got there!  So I don't know if this particular arena will "run and run" - but I can say that it has got quite a lot going for it.  A good solid traditional NAB map - who could ask for more?