Red Psi
RR: 8.5
A new map from SLAM, all original and good to look at.  The "Psi" refers to the letter of the Greek alphabet - the lava is laid out in the shape of that letter - while the "Red" comes from the gentle glow of that hot, bubbling liquid rock, suffusing the hall.
          There are walkways set halfway down towards the lava, with some useful pick-ups down there - of course, you are a bit vulnerable to shots from above you!  The bouncers at the ends of the walkways are very nice, in a Quake 3 sort of way...quiet, but nice!
          The smaller picture below shows the map in an almost-finished stage, without weapons or, indeed, those handy lampposts.
          Well, it plays very nicely, if you don't mind falling into red-hot molten rock occasionally; a policy of staying on the main level and ignoring the lower walkways seemed to work pretty well for me.  This is a very handsome map, too, with SLAM's usual subtle use of textures.  Nothing particularly ground- breaking or envelope-pushing, but an excellent piece of work.