Real World Gone Bad Remix
RR: 8.5
Here's a cool-looking place for a fight; a factory, deserted, seen at night.  I can't say that it has gone particularly "bad" - although there are a few holes blasted in walls here and there, looking sad.  Maybe it's the cool night air, but this is one of those maps where you do actually feel that you are
Thunderbird has done a good job, I think - so my advice is, take that link!
          Well, of course TB has put in a few Barracuda textures, but the weapons and pick-ups seem to work nicely.  The place has a lift to a small upper gallery, from which a leap may be able to take you to a wall, and from there on to the roof - though don't approach the hole near the top, as that was designed as a "killing zone"!  TB himself is captured in our screenshot, though that red carpet behind him didn't actually survive into the map's final version.
          Anyway, a well-chosen map, nicely textured... what more could we ask for?