Rook Remix
RR: 8.5
I remember this place from Unreal Tournament; it is an assault map, though sometimes these can make good "deathmatch" arenas too - Mazon Fortress, for example.  So, Duo may well have made a good choice here, for a map to remix!
          So, if you come across a number of switches here, which may well not do anything now, that is the reason; moving them were objectives the assaulting team had to manage.
          While I haven't played properly here, I remember the UT version was a little complex and confusing, some of the objectives I never tracked down - luckily, my Bot buddies knew their way around rather better...
          So, a nice mix of inside, courtyard, and narrow grasslands here; it ought to play nicely, given the chance.  Duo's texturing of the remix looks fine to me.  It is good that he has taken the time and effort to produce so many good arenas for us - if only there were enough hours in the day, and players online at the various times of day with all the maps in their files, we could take full advantage of all the offerings!