Security Training
RR: n/a
It isn't easy to get access to all these maps, you know; this is the map reserved for candidates to join Clan Destiny's elite "Security Section", specially constructed by CD Chief of Security SLAM; since I can hardly be described as a potential ace player, I had to smuggle myself in, disguised as CD's leader.  Oh, wait a minute, I am CD's leader...
          Well, this is a plenty tough obstacle course, with at the most five seconds to spare at the end before you are knocked out.  There's a bit like the "getting to the ship's core" in Galaxy Quest, then a set of (awkwardly placed) bouncers to bounce up, then a narrow wall-top to run along, then tops of moving brick-towers to leap across, an impossible long leap to a bouncer and on, a bit of maze where death may yet strike, then you find the above foursome waiting to give you a warm welcome!  You get three tries to complete the course - if you can't make it, you'd better go away and practice, and then apply again.  And after that, another room tests your hypershot marksmanship, before the third and final stage of the test, which is putting up a good fight against another top Security Section member such as SLAM, B-Ball or B3NDEr!  That part can take place in any more conventional map.
          The map is also supplied with an upper level, with windows, and stairs to the top of the map, so that other players can actually watch the poor candidate being smashed, drowned in lava, blown to pieces, or otherwise coming to grief - though for best viewing, an adminlogin to "ghost" is apparently recommended.
          So, when you see a member of CD's security section, prepare to be awed, because they will have passed a very tough test.  Or if you want to apply, then get in touch with CD, or me.  The plan is that, the first time, you only get the map just before you take the test, which is a bit hard, although you can re-apply later if you fail.