RR: 7.5
You have to admit, that is a different kind of screenshot!  Dax has actually made an arena here that is a bit reminiscent of Da Bounce, except that it uses plenty of megajumps to propel you to different levels, where different weapons are available for you.  This is rather a special "top level"!
          I did find it a bit "laggy" - and when that happens in one's own server, it usually means that too much has been engineered into the arena for one's computer to keep up with.  Or you can make it happen by giving your computer lots of extra work, like having various people using "cheat mode" to send chains of whomper-blasts around, or simply shooting hundreds of ballzooka balls into the sea in our old friend Frigate Remix, so that they roll down the underwater slopes, each one individually rotated and faithfully modelled inside your poor desktop...
          So, this does not get a very high rating; however, it shows good style, good and clever thinking, and some nice original touches, so future maps from Dax should be well worth investigating!