RR: 8.0
A fairly small, quickly-made map, this - though of course they said that about Forest too!  Dax has taken a basketball theme, and used "Mighty Mo" nerfcannons, plus ballzookas and a whomper.  Add Orbital textures, nice big hoops to score into, and you have a fine map for a few friends to play in.
          The back of each pole contains a teleporter to take you up to its top, so that makes scoring a "basket" rather easier - or you can always fire whatever ammunition you have with you at the other players below, of course!  Jump or fall down into the basket yourself, and you should soon find a teleporter to take you back onto the court.
          It was enjoyable, testing/checking this map out with Dax, peps, and of course our resident basketball expert and Basketball Center (ballblast) arena creator B-Ball.  I'm not sure who was aiming a whomper at whom in this screenshot, but luckily I was able to get the equipment ready for this quick shot.  I'm not sure the variable lighting and dynamic-spacworm ceiling add much to the map, but they work okay, and the whole thing should play fast'n'frantic if a few people come in.  For what more could you ask...?