SLAM's Homestead
RR: 9.5
This is the "Ranch" area of Nerf Neighbourhood, with daytime lighting, and some useful quantities of weaponry - well, one each of the usual guns, in each of two caches in opposite corners of the rectangular homestead that SLAM has set up for himself.  Spawning has also been changed, of course, as you no longer enter and leave this area or arena by using a teleporter on the front porch of his log cabin...
          Well, it is like SLAM's old favourite Forest, only a lot prettier, probably better to play, and generally made by, now, a much more experienced mapmaker.  SLAM, Alpha Flight and I played a great game here just after the map was released; you are advised to wear Sequoia green colours, so that you blend in with the scenery, wearing red is not a good idea here!
          The fence around SLAM's property is just too high to leap - strangely, though, if an "adminlogin" cheat or a rocket in your chest gets you over it, there is plenty more running (and, in the river, swimming) space out there before you reach the edge.  The cabin is a wonderful place to use in strategic battles, and all in all, this ought to be one of the most popular maps in coming months.  If you've not got it yet, get it, or you will miss out on a lot of great games!
click for the bigger picture of the "wabbit" hunt!