Space Base One
RR: 8.0
In his ReadMe file, Sk8er says "Ever miss the good old days, where you ran through secret corridors and hidden passages, throughout a dark, maze-like map such as PMOrbitspire? Well I tried to make a good team point match level without doing the usual fort vs. fort nonsense. Have fun and tell me
what you think!"  And his mention of Lestat's atmospheric and original NAB map is certainly appropriate, because this is in some ways similar in spirit.  It may not have some of the things that "Orbitspire" has, but there are similarities - and, hey, this map has some surprises of its own!
          Push on certain wall-consoles and trap-doors open in the floor, allowing you to swim to a different part of the map.  Others, by elevators, allow you to call the lifter to you, if it is at the other level - I wish more maps had that level of sophistication!  There is a red button to push, too - I think I heard Sk8er say that it killed "anyone outside", but I'm not sure what "outside" means in this map.  The open area above, and another similar one with a rather chunky small space shuttlecraft docked?  Or was there somewhere else I didn't discover...?
          What I was shown once, though never found again, was a large, Rocket Run 2 style spherical low-gravity area, with a whomper.  It's there somewhere, I tell you!
          The only downside to this map is what one might call Tweety's Hallways of Heaven syndrome - so many corridors, how are you going to find the other players!  It helps that the areas are colour coded, so that for example a section in metal with yellow trim is close to the shuttlecraft - but you would need quite a few people here to make a continuing fight of it.
          Still, a nice place to explore, and it ought to be fun for teams - but a "1 on 1" it isn't!
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