Space Wars (Episode One)
RR: 8.5
Well, Sk8er has done some rather nice work on this arena.  This looks like a "First Contact" situation here, with our vessel (two decks, plenty of pick-ups) encountering a strange alien-styled spacecraft, uncomfortably close to Earth!
          This brings back slight memories of TechComb 2, though technology and technique moves on, and each craft comes complete with a shuttle to take you withing easy jumping distance of the other.  Nice "movers" they are, too, and they make for a fun experience.  I am not sure that many people wanting to fight, either 1 on 1 or in greater numbers, would automatically choose this map as the place to do it (they choose Forest every time, right?), but it is a great place to explore and hang out in, and people who like Asteroid Bonus will love the opportunities for drifting off into space for a quick death, so - well, look at it, it's an extremely cool sight, right?
if the other one isn't working now...