RR: unfinished
This is an original map B-Ball is working on, so you will probably find some more screenshots and a description in the "Coming Soon" section of his website.  He has kindly sent me two copies of a map that is really quite a long way from finished, and it was rather interesting to move around - though I had to "fly" to get to some places.  In the first version (see the screenshot below) there was an invisible wall on top of that left-hand building, which prevented me from getting close to the "real" wall, and walking round on a ledge to the right-hand building - while that metal-grid fire escape worked fine to walk up, until the last section, which you fall straight through!  The second version, above, has an added building and some enhancements, including the first couple of pick-ups; the original "invisible wall" has been demolished, but that fire escape is in all kinds of trouble, with a new invisible wall, and a downward slope where the metal grid appears to go upwards!
          The only "indoors" at present is the cellar that my pistol points towards; it is shabby and deserted, with graffiti, and a couple of braziers providing warmth... at least, I could hear the flames, but not see them yet - though the second version has some yellow lighting.
          Some interesting use of textures, especially on the building just ahead and to the left, and on some signs; that fire escape is nice (at least, for most of the way), and I think that the whole place shows potential.  The trouble with having a "street" is that to fit in an arena it has to be short, and rather obviously blocked off at the end.  Of course, that also applies to the Tycoon area of  SLAM's
Nerf Neighbourhood
...   FeEdiKo's Condemned UT remix uses the cover of night, and a concentration on one central building; it will be interesting to see what B-Ball comes up with.  He has a lot of work to do - we can't leave that building with windows chopped off half-way, as we can see on the right of the main screenshot, for one thing!
          Anyway, watch this space to see when B-Ball has updated his map; remember, he always likes to have three or four maps being worked on at once, so it may take a little while.  And check out B-Ball's own site's "Maps Coming Soon" section, too!
The first version of this map