RR: unf
A neat idea from Dax, but he has some more work to do before it can be considered a finished map.  The idea is that two players face each other in the circle, and the first to leave the circle loses - which Dax has arranged by having the fighting circle high above the ground.  Watch that first step...
          A rectangular raft on either side of the fighting circle holds guns, ammo etc, including the megajump you will need to get on to the central circle, as it is a little higher up; Boom suggested that ramps would be the best way to avoid an annoying wait for it to respawn!  Dax is thinking of lowering the gravity a little as well, which could be useful!
          Four Bots are pre-installed in the game for you; the sturdiest ones, like Wes and Granite Tower!  And, to tie in with the "Sumo" theme, they are extra-fat, like proper Sumo wrestlers.  They are waiting at the top for you - unfortunately, when you kill them, or they fall off, they only respawn down below, and do not seem clever enough to walk in to the bright side of the supporting tower, to get teleported back up to the top.
          The galleon picture on one far wall is certainly eye-catching; Dax tells me it is in the Barracuda textures, so no special texture file is needed.  Anyway, it is not a perfect map, but it has a strong original idea, and, with a little more "tweaking", ought to become a very popular place to visit.