Swamp Beta 2
RR: 8.0
What do you get when you mix SLAM's Forest and Boomslang's Peace Broken BETA, deleting the unfinished house from the latter?  Well, with a bit of luck, and a little expert work on the details, you may well end up with something like this.  Forest, but with some extra watery bits, and a few other interesting changes.  Boomslang has made a niceplace here, but he intends to do a little more work, I think he mentioned a small log cabin for one thing...and while the black starry walls are an improvement over the dull brown surroundings, a change may well be made.
          The weather is interesting; cloudy, with a yellowy tinge which came, apparently, from putting the usual NAB planet (Jupiter) in the sky, but spreading it out over the whole area!
          I wish I could have stayed here longer, with Boomslang, SLAM's sister Snappy, and Icedude - but, heck, I never score many points in Forest anyway, for some reason!