Swamp Snafu
RR: 8.0
UltraBug supplies great "ReadMe" files, so let me quote him here:  "This map is based on the Greedy Trap battle level from the Nintendo 64 game Bomberman 64.  The basic idea, beating up those who try to get the powerups, is the same; however, there are some changes to the overall design.  For starters, it's been enlarged, the reasons being that 1) you move faster in NAB, 2) your weapons are guns, not bombs, and 3) the Bomberman level was only meant for four people.  I've added sinkholes in the water which aren't there in the original because I think it might have been be too easy without them.  Also, this level is outside; Greedy Trap is not.
          "I was going to use fog effects, but they slowed my system down.  It wasn't unplayable by a long shot, but I have a fairly fast system, and I wasn't sure how it would fare on slower systems. If you play with bots on this map, watch out!  They seem to know where all the holes are, so they almost never fall in."
          So it is a really strange, really different level which you will either hate or spend lots of time with.  You wade out into the swamp to get at all the tempting weaponry lying there - and suddenly, instead of running lightly over the top, you find yourself "bogged down", moving so slowly that you are a very easy target for the other players, or Bots.  This is not a big arena, what you see is what you get - and, if you are in the right frame of mind, what you get could be a lot of fun...