Thunder 5 Beta
RR: 8.0
This is Tiggy's first original map, and it looks like a pretty good start, following on from some pretty good remixes.  We are high in the treetops of the Sequoia forest, and the hour is late; it is so dark that even the torches don't cast their light very far, though they illuminate the playing area well enough.  The walkways are solid, but none too wide, so be careful, especially when respawning, because if you step off, you fall - and if you fall, you die... or get zero health, I should say.
          If you look closely at the screenshot, you can see that Thunderbird is lobbing a glob of ballzooka alt fire glop at me - I think he just likes the noise it makes...
          Anyway, two levels of walkway, joined by a ramp; the less extreme nerf weapons, such as the wildfire, pulsator, ballzooka and scattershot, plus a shield and two or three health pick-ups...  not a large map by any means, and with no clever lifters or other gimmicks, but a solid first original map to make.  Apart from falling off, it was a fun place to play against TB and, until his new computer arrived, FeEdiKo, and - hey, any map with a points-target has to get my vote!  It plays well, and it looks good.