RR: 8.0
Tiggy has finished his very individual map, set deep in the night-time Sequoia forest, high in the trees.  He had released two "beta" versions before, build 5 and build 7 - and, quite frankly, it is difficult to choose between them.  I find them all equally good, and have given them all the same score - though I guess it depends what you are looking for in a map.
          The earliest version had a points-target, which was a little out of place in a small-scale, "1 on 1" type arena like this.  It also had some more powerful weaponry, in the shape of the scattershot!  Version two removed that, added the third level to the map, and also took away the shield - which is now returned to us.
          Anyway, this may not have bouncers, lifters, or any hidden stuff that I have come across, but it is an efficient fighting map, and all credit to Tiggy for making such an individual first map.  You may lose more points due to falling out of your tree than from anything your opponent does to you (unless he pushes you...), but everything pulls together nicely, for an atmospheric, strikingly rendered arena.