Barracuda Sumo
RR: 8.0
The previous version of Dax's map had some problems, which he has now managed to overcome; misleading names on the server lists, lag, and too low a gravity, basically.  But now the map does list itself properly as Barracuda Sumo, the "lag" (or "giving your computer so much to do that it takes a while to notice that you are moving your mouse") has been dealt with, and the low-gravity is now less extreme.
          The basic arena is much the same as in the two previous Sumo versions, with the water added to jump or fall into below, nicely in keeping with the Barracuda theme.  The water may appear, when you're in it, to be "two-layered", but it seems to work okay for swimming.  When you spawn there, all you have to do is swim for the surface, then climb the ramp onto the decking around the tower.  Walk into the "active" side of the tower and you are teleported to one of the two rectangular platforms up at the top, where you can arm yourself for combat; then proceed to the main platform.  And, if somebody else has been doing the same things, give them a polite bow (or crouch), and prepare for combat!
          Dax's idea with this new "Sumo" series is that if you leave the fighting circle, you lose the fight - as with Japanese Sumo wrestling.  Having the "circle" on a platform high above the ground just makes the leaving bit rather more obvious!  This may make for a rather "stop-start" kind of battle, while the winner of a round waits for his opponent to come back up, but it has its attractions.  You can't hit your adversary with tables, ladders & chairs, but a wide variety of Nerf weaponry is available, although this version leaves out the triple strike.  It seems a nice idea to me, and I look forward to seeing the next "Sumo" map Dax finishes.  Hmm, I wonder if he can build in Sumo-style fatness for players...?
the faulty-name version - pretty similar-looking!