RR: 8.5
All ruity!  UltraBug's debut trio of maps (with Castle Nerf and Swamp Snafu) concludes with this strange, fairly large arena (2.25MB), populated by a variety of giant fruit.  I think I had better quickly switch to quoting from the "ReadMe" file:  "This level grew from a teenie-tiny litte map that I had started making for my little brother.  It originally included just what's inside of the hut and the underwater cave, minus the pipes.  I got to thinking how cool it would be if you could go outside the hut too, and it grew from there.  (If you look at the level from UnrealEd, you'll see that the outside was actually subtracted from around the hut, instead of the hut being added to the outside subtraction.)  I added all the large fruit because the ground-level area seemed too open.  I got the solid color textures and the banana slice textures by enlarging the paleltte textures (Palettes.utx). I had vending machines in the fort thingy before I put in the bananas, but I had to switch because the file with the vending machines got screwed-up somehow.  Overall, I like the bananas more, because they add more than just decoration to the room and fit the theme better.
          "My favorite part of the map is probably the large fish.  I had a lot of fun (and encountered a lot of glitches) making that."
          You can't go outside the walls of the compound, but you can go swimming underneath.  There are various lifts, and floating melon slices that come in handy for leaping around.  As with the other two arenas, Bots are supported, so you may learn most about the place by seeing what they get up to - but it is a fun place to explore, another genuinely original slice of Nerfness.  I just hope that we see more maps from UltraBug - preferably individually, so we can take time to appreciate them one by one, rather than be overwhelmed by three at once...