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Trip in the Head
RR: 8.0
Tracer showed Thunderbird and me round his new map-in-progress, back when it was a beta, beginning by warning us that, while it looked rather like Gladiator Dome, it played rather differently... and he was right.
          The room you initially spawn in contains a massive four-sided staircase, which cuts off two sections of the floor - go to one for a shield and health recharges, and the other for a triple strike and ammo.  It is just possible to leap out of these corners, as the gravity is low - I would prefer it a little lower still, to make that easier!  Exit down a short corridor, lined with what looks like a second type of carpet on the walls, and you come out in the massive place where I took the screenshots.
          The very bottom of the "head" has a megapower; not far away is a fairly deep pit, with a whomper and plenty of ammo... and no way to get out again!  Though I kindly shot down at him until Thunderbird respawned elsewhere, to save him having to lose points by "suiciding"...  What is on the very top platform of all I was by no means sure, back when we did the play-testing, as I never got anywhere near it (though sometimes one respawned on a platform about halfway up), but I suspected whompers - and the new screenshot, taken as usual nowadays with the help of the "fly" cheat, confirms that!
          Well, I normally hate platform-jumping arenas, but at least one doesn't fall to one's death here, due to the reduced gravity, and there is plenty more gameplay.  Tracer had added a cluster of columns on the floor of the room, since the earlist version he'd shown me, to make sniping more complicated - and may well have had other bright ideas along the way.  See that "canopy" at the bottom of the "beta" screensot (below), towards the right, with a doubler on top?  There is also a hidden cache of ammo of all sorts, if you walk through the right bit of wall!  At that stage, it was a very enjoyable place to play in...  Tracer certainly took his time in releasing the finished version, but it's out now, so it's your turn to do some exploring...
Looking up, in the main room...