RR: 9.0
FeEdiKo has released his long-awaited "Target Tag" remix of an Unreal Tournament "Capture the Flag" map, and it is a nice effort.  Unlike many "CTF" maps, it is not too huge, so it does not take five minutes to run from one end to another, only for you to get fragged once you get there, so it should play very nicely as a team game, as long as you have at least two or three players per side.
          With "Target Tag", each team has one end of the map.  The aim is for at least one player to stay guarding the home base, while the rest attack the enemy's base.  When one side has control of both ends, even briefly, using "teamtalk" to make sure all is clear,  the defender hits the TT Trigger at his end, allowing the attackers to hit the suddenly-revealed TT Targets at their end - five 1000-point targets.  And if they have time to hit the trigger at their end, the defender gets his chance to score, too!  In this map there is a handy platform at each end, facing the targets; the trigger is on the ceiling behind the platform.
          As you can see from the screenshot, Fee has chosen fairly plain textures here generally; the map is divided in the middle by an effectively bottomless chasm, which has two bridges across it, so attacking is not simple, while the route to the enemy base is not direct.  Health-belts here are only worth 20 points, to add to the drama, while a couple at each end are in fact the 15-point kind, as seen in Essence, which will actually go above the 100 health limit - though these are not too important here as there are also a couple of megapowers at the back.  Shields, doublers, a variety of weapons, though no whomper or triple strike... it is all worked out nicely!
          Although this is a remix, Fee did have to add a "respawning chamber", with handy wildfires provided; you can leave it to either the red or blue end, to avoid suddenly respawning in enemy territory!  Bots tend to hang around in there, until you drive them out, but that can just add to the fun.
          So, a simpler layout to learn than Coret TT, a more manageable size than TT-Original ... this looks like it could be a very popular addition to the "Target Tag" map range!
      And we now have a CTF version, adjusted by Jay Williams (using Ace's CTF mod, version 1.0), which can be downloaded from Jay's website...