TT Floating Island BETA
RR: 8.0
"Good grief, there's TWO of them!"  Sharpknux has doubled up on the Floating Island theme, and added Target Tag to the fun - the triggers are on top of the pyramids, while the targets are deep in a cave somewhere.
          This is only a beta, so the "hidden rooms" from a corner of the ocean have done something weird, amalgamating into a single room from which there is no exit.  The "giant squid" syndrome, dragging the unfortunate victim to the sea floor until he drowns, is still there, and too often bouncing up from the raft does not get you to the top again - I ask you, what is wrong with a nice teleporter to get you back on top?
          I teased Sharp that I would give this a "RR" of 2.5 or less, but it looks as if, once its problems are sorted out, this should be a worthy addition to the Target Tag range.
       And Elven Nerfer has taken the opportunity to convert this map to Ace's 1.0 version of his CTF mod...