UnderSea Diving
RR: 7.5
Here we have another of Justin's remixes/retexturings, this time using SLAM's Rocket Run 2 as its source material.  And I didn't have to "fly" to take this screenshot, as the whole place is now underwater!  Not "drowning" type water, unless you have a little bit of a problem interacting with the sandy bottom, but fine for swimming about in.
          Justin has put the "back story" and some playing hints on our Archives II page.  He assures me that there is a whomper around somewhere; while ammunition is easy to come by, it takes a while to find any weapons at all, except for four not-very-useful secret shot-type pistols...er, Justin, we already have one of those...  But if you search high and low (hint hint), you should be able to arm yourself suitably. 
          The original map tended to focus on the central tube, and the sphere, inside which a less effortless type of swimming is needed; here I find that area best avoided, as it is awkward to navigate - but there seem to be lots of not-obvious teleporters taking you back there!
          So, full marks for ingenuity - and a rating, I notice, a whole point higher than SLAM's original map got.  But then, I always did hate falling off into space!

go here for the download!
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