Valley War Remix
RR: 8.5
This looks a fine remix by Duo, a little reminiscent of both his Civil War Remix and Mr.BoBBo's
Faces of Faraohns
.  High-level sniping is possible from that rock to the left, if you happen to come across the place to teleport up from!
          There are two forts, as is traditional, of course, and it all looks a fine place to play... and I look forward to playing there... it helps that the place looks so inviting!  The sudden glut of maps we got means this map has been under-used, so the moral of the story is, release maps regularly, don't save them up to make a big splash...
       And there's a CTF version now (converted for us by G-MO), for version 1.0 of Ace's mod, which is very good news, as it should be an excellent map to play this way, online.  The bots don't play very well, but they can still shoot you of course.  So grab it now, right?