Viridian - Tourney
RR: unfinished
FeEdiKo showed me around this untextured map, also known as Viridian Dreams; you can see him in the background of this screenshot.  All the walls etc are in this grey, bubbled concrete texture, which is what you get until somebody adds a texture - which is why "movers" are often left like this, as they can be tricky to add a new surface to.
          Well, the pink-lit square to the right is a bouncer, strong enough to get one up to this higher level; Fee intends to go for a fairly grey colour scheme here.  It will be interesting later to see how this shot compares to a more finished version, but at the moment, well, the place has got definite possibilities.  Fee has good instincts as to what will make a good NAB arena, such as HoverCraft or
for example, so I look forward to seeing what he makes of this.  Of course he does have a new more powerful computer coming very soon, suitable for more modern games than NAB, and he is counting the days (literally) until Black & White is released, so it is entirely possible we may be in for a long wait before he has the time for this!