RR: 6.5
This is a first map by Scott, co-founder of Blizzard Clan along with SpUtNiK.  And, as first maps go, it seems pretty good to me.  As you can see in the screenshot, we have a main room for end-to-end sniping and fighting, while there is also a corridor along one side allowing a sneakier movement from one end to the other!  There is a secret room to find - not hidden behind a moving panel, instead the slightly easier option of a bit of wall that you can just walk through is used.  Plenty of weapons and pick-ups are available - all that whomper ammo in the middle looks as if it ought to be fun to use!
          I have seen quite a few first maps that are not as good as this, so let us see what Scott does next.  I do think that people should not feel rushed to get out a new map; particularly when starting out, take time to read the tutorials, and learn to do some more stuff each time.  Textured movers, teleporters, lava, skyboxes, pools - there is a lot of stuff to experiment with, to make sure that your next map is significantly better than the one before.  Browse through the review index, and see what other people have done - generally think up some new ideas.  That is the way to become one of the top mappers, on NAB, UT, or anywhere!