Battle Chess Remix
RR: 7.0
Duo has chosen a strange one to remix here; two ends, with a "chessboard" style battlefield in between, with players leaping from square to square.  It would take rather a lot of players to follow the rules of chess - and otherwise, I don't really see that it is a particularly good place for a regular NAB battle.  Fun to visit a few times, though, I guess...
          If you fall off the squares, or mis-jump, or get pushed, you die, losing the usual "took himself out" points forfeit, which can be annoying, but hopping about for pick-ups, or to rush from one side to the other, has its moments; I played this with Hise, and I recommend playing against somebody in a yellow/orange bright costume, it makes sniping a lot easier!
          So, pass time in good company here by all means, but mind your step.
       And this is another map to have an early CTF conversion by G-MO, for v1.0 of Ace's mod - so don't expect offline play with bots to be much good, or spawning to be reliable as to which end of the map you appear.  Still, in multiplayer it should be interesting!