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Actually, the original version, from which the screenshot is taken, is called "Battlefield" - but there is already a map by that name, so Spike is having to change it.  H is also going to have to make the doorway that the cursor is indicating a bit taller, as not even Todd can get in there at the moment!  Makes you wonder if this might actually be a remix from Unreal Tournament, where the avatars are a bit smaller!
          Thunderbird helped Spike with the actual exporting, ten sent it to Spike who did the texturing; the plan is for Curt, or Crossfire, to help get things corrected and finished now.  Hopefully a proper sky will be part of the deal, because at the moment, a concrete/pumice sky just makes the whole thing too darn grey...
          Still, there seems to be a lot of nice features there, and I look forward to seeing a properly playable version.