Battle Forts
RR: 8.0
Ace has produced what looks a little like a simplified Forts of Independence here - in fact, he did have moats at one stage, he says, but he felt they interfered with the gameplay.  From the screenshot, you might jump to the conclusion that the sky and textures here are dull, monotonous and uniform... and, well, I can't really argue with that!
          On the other hand, it does look as if it should play well, and the extra bits and general design of the forts is pretty good.  And once you find the secret access to the cavern below, you may think that this is better than "FoI".  You dive down a hole in the ground, to land in some handy water, then scramble up into the main room, where some useful bits and pieces can be found; there are clearly labelled red and blue teleporters to take you back where you want to be.
          It is always tricky to guess how popular a map is going to be, but I think the dullness of the sky, and the monotonous texturing of the the forts, works against this one, even though the dynamics seem good.  But time will tell!