Bedrooms ][
RR: 8.0
Duo presents a way-cool "we are tiny" arena, with a couple of bedrooms and various other parts of the house involved, plus this backyard!  This looks like a terrific quantity of fun to me...
          Actually, this is not much like our other giant-scale maps, Bathroom Remix and Breakfast Remix, which are standard run-around deathmatch arenas really - this is very much set up as a miniature "facing forts" affair, with two equal sides facing each other on a couple of fronts, inside and outside the house:  "Bedrooms of Independence"!
          But this doesn't mean it can't be played, or generally run and bounced around, as a regular point- and-shoot map.  The bouncers are pretty powerful, as well as cute; that one in the screenshot, looking like a miniature trampoline, will bounce you straight in through the window. 
          The bedrooms are actually fairly sparse, compared to the Breakfast table, but the corridor between the two bedrooms is the front line, with building-blocks to snipe from behind, and an open area to charge acrosss.  There are also corridors more our size in the walls... and of course the sunny outdoors to fight in, too.
          Who can resist such a sunny afternoon?  Definitely a "feel-good" map, so don't delay!