Boeing Air BETA  and Boeing Air
RR: 8.5
CurtSquirt seems to have been inspired by SLAM's moving airplane in Pacific Fury here, and has made a less bloodthirsty map, with civilian airliners which fly between the seaside airport (as seen in the screenshot) and a ship anchored offshore.  With lifters and steps, and pretty delicate flying paths, this is another cool map, and a lot of fun.  Sometimes one does fall out of the plane, but you can swim ashore easily enough.
          The first "Beta" version had all the essential ingredients in place, and is still available for download; Curt has resisted the temptation to introduce air stewardesses and in-flight movies, so the final version is in fact very little changed, except that the aircraft themselves are certainly  rather more interestingly textured - see the two screenshots below, which come from the later version!
          Curt has been modestly assuring me that it is exceptionally easy to introduce "movers" into maps, but these aircraft seem pretty clever to me - watch them come in to land, they actually seem to have a reverse gear, and not many airliners can manage that!   This is certainly a fun map to hang out in, and of course there are plenty of weapons around, if you decide to come out fighting!