Big Top Beta 1
RR: unfinished
We all have to start somewhere, if we want to try making maps for NAB, and this is where Pure is starting from, with a simple rectangular room.  It has a couple of elevators, one at each end, and a "tightrope" to walk between them.
          The word "sucks" was used in the e-mail he sent with it - but since I have never made a map myself, I don't think I would go along with that.  It is a start, pure and simple.  Whether or not he should have published it, I wouldn't like to say, but he wanted to get some response, and it is certainly interesting to see what a first-timer can do, with some nice ideas and even a new texture file.  If Black Ninja could start with arenas like his Dome Remix, before moving on eventually to some fine and complex remixes and original maps, well, maybe this is the start of something big, too!